Terms of Service

Feedbird provides affordable social media management services as described on our website (www.feedbird.com). By signing up for our services, you agree to have read and understood our terms & conditions.

1. Collaboration & Communication

1.1 - Service Delivery: Feedbird strives to deliver the highest quality services in a timely manner. Each client works with an account manager as their point of contact and support. A successful partnership relies on timely, honest, and detailed feedback. Approval of deliverables are considered final and no more revisions are allowed after approval.

1.2 - Social Media Account Issues: Since we work with third-party social media platforms, we cannot control issues such as connection errors, disconnections, or password changes. However, we will do our best to resolve errors within our control. Please contact the support of each platform for issues outside of our control.

1.3 - Scheduling & Posting: You acknowledge that Feedbird cannot schedule and post approved content until at least one platform has been connected to our Scheduling Platform. If you are unable to connect your social media channels successfully, it does not warrant a refund, as we still create the actual content and posts for you.

If connection issues cannot be resolved, you can download the posts and manually post them on your own. Feedbird's posting and scheduling is a free, value-add service, meaning no pro-rated refunds will be offered for issues related to this. We will, however, do our best to resolve any technical issues.

1.4 - Support: Due to our low-cost, high-volume nature, we only offer support and communication through our dashboard, live chat, or email - no calls.

1.5 - Client Delays After Signup: Our service delivery begins as soon as you have signed up and completed the questionnaire. If you do not complete the onboarding questionnaire, it does not warrant a refund.

Your payment(s) will turn into credits you can use in the future whenever you want, and they will never expire. We will not push back the billing date for delays caused by you. We will start creating the next batch of services as soon as the next charge is made, even if it is just a week after the first delivery was approved.

1.6 - Lack of Feedback or Approval: Once we send you the deliverables, we expect you to provide timely feedback or approval. If you delay this, causing time-sensitive posts to become outdated, we will not replace those posts with new ones.

If we do not receive feedback or approvals by the time your next month's charge arrives, we will start creating the next month of content, so that we keep delivering what you paid for. If it has been more than 30 days since we sent you the posts for approval, you can no longer make any revision requests for that batch. As long as we have created and delivered your posts, we are fulfilling our Service as described.

1.7 - Respectful Communication: Due to our high-volume business nature, we have many clients, the majority of whom are pleasant to work with. However, we occasionally encounter clients who are rude, impolite, and disrespectful. We will not tolerate such behavior and will cancel their accounts immediately without warning. No refunds will be made in this case, with no exceptions.

1.8 - Best Practice: If you change your password, please inform us immediately. Monitor your accounts to ensure posts are being published successfully. Provide us with clear direction and feedback and communicate with us as you would with any in-house team member.

The worst thing you can do after we deliver your posts is to remain silent for weeks without providing any feedback and then suddenly tell us you want to cancel because you are not satisfied. We have a talented team capable of creating any type of content for you.

If you are not satisfied, it is likely due to unclear communication of your wants and needs. We are happy to make the necessary revisions based on your detailed feedback. Therefore, please work with us instead of going silent or requesting to cancel right away. By maintaining open and consistent communication, we can collaborate to create content that meets your expectations and enhances your social media presence.

2. Refund Policy

Given the substantial manual work and effort involved in our services, we adhere to a strict no-refund policy under most circumstances. Here are the details of our refund policy:

2.1 - No Refunds: We do not offer refunds for any reason, as our team dedicates time and effort to creating and managing bespoke content for our clients.

2.2 - Connectivity Issues: If a client encounters issues connecting their social media channels to our scheduling platform, we do not offer refunds. Instead, we advise clients to post the content manually on their own.

2.3 - Results & Performance: You are paying us for time and work performed. Our work is not contingent upon any form of marketing results.

If you have any questions about our refund policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. Feedbird Obligations

3.1 - Feedbird provides services according to our standard policies and procedures. We reserve the right to reject clients for any reason.

3.2 - Feedbird's rules, policies, and operating procedures may change at our discretion. This includes pricing and package inclusions.


4.1 - Fees for services are payable in full, in advance. A valid credit card must be on file for monthly payments. You authorize Feedbird to charge your credit card for the fees listed herein.

4.2 - Initial charges are paid in advance. Monthly management fees are due until the agreement is cancelled or modified. Unpaid charges result in service suspension until full payment is received. All payments are non-refundable.

4.3 - Except in the case of Feedbird's material breach, refunds are not issued. Fees are for time and work performed, not contingent on marketing results or the ability to connect accounts for scheduling and posting. Credits, free days, or billing adjustments may be offered for mistakes on Feedbird's part.

4.4 - Cancellation requires at least 7 days' notice before the next billing date by messaging your account manager inside the dashboard or email to hello@feedbird.com. Prorated refunds are not issued for early cancellations.

4.5 - Services will continue even if the client does not respond to or approve content. Unapproved content will be automatically approved after one month. Clients are allowed one round of edits per month.

4.6 - Clients should review social media accounts regularly and spend 10 minutes monthly ensuring satisfaction with posts delivered. Feedbird is not responsible for missed posts or editing/removing content posted over one week ago.

4.7 - You give us permission to showcase your company logo and social media links. Notify us in writing if you prefer we not use your social media in our advertising efforts.

4.8 - White Label/Resellers are subject to these terms and conditions for their clients. Resellers must pay for services in advance and are responsible for collecting payment from their clients. Feedbird does not refund resellers for services rendered if their client does not pay.

4.9 - Disputes: Clients agree to these terms and conditions when signing up. We will vigorously pursue any client who breaches the terms and conditions.


5.1 - Refund Policy: No refunds are available. Due to factors such as third-party platforms, disconnections, onboarding, and the month-to-month subscription model, all sales are final. If we fail to deliver at least one post in a month, you agree to accept credit for that post's value. No performance, results, or quality guarantees are made by Feedbird.

5.2 - Feedbird disclaims all warranties related to this Agreement, the Services, or any materials or assistance provided, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, course of performance or dealing, trade practice, title, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose.


6.1 - Client indemnifies Feedbird and its affiliates from losses, costs, damages, liabilities, and expenses arising from any breach of this Agreement or claims regarding the use of any intellectual property. Client assumes liability for any assets provided and used in posts.


7.1. Client indemnifies Feedbird and its affiliates from losses, costs, damages, liabilities, and expenses arising from any issues with social media account suspensions, copyright issues, loss of access, deletion, or other third-party platform issues.

7.2 Client indemnifies Feedbird and its affiliates from any issues with content posted to their social media accounts that result in copyright infringement claims. The client assumes responsibility for the content posted.


8.1 - Feedbird is not liable for indirect, consequential, incidental, or special damages. Liability is limited to the amount paid for the previous one (1) month of services.


9.1 This Agreement is the entire understanding between parties and can only be amended in writing. It is governed by Denmark law, and disputes will be resolved there. Notice is given via DK Postal Services. Invalid provisions will be severed with minimal impact.


10.1 - Credit Card Disputes - Charges are presumed accurate unless disputed within 14 days. Disputes halt all credits, refunds, and account work. Negotiation is preferred over disputes. Even if you win a dispute, due to your bank siding with you even though it’s clearly against our terms and conditions, we then will send you an invoice the disputed amount and any fees with payment due upon receipt. If it isn’t paid we escalate the situation with legal action.

Contact us if you have any questions or need clarification on these terms.