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Small businesses choose Feedbird instead of Fiverr to get high-quality social media content, powerful add-ons, fantastic support and the lowest pricing.
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What is Fiverr

Overview of Fiverr

While Fiverr offers a platform to connect businesses with freelancers for social media management, the service comes with its own set of challenges. Freelancers can be unreliable, lacking accountability compared to a dedicated team that works under an established brand. Fiverr also lacks a streamlined process for executing social media strategies, relying solely on the freelancer's individual workflow, which can be inconsistent. There is no unified oversight or standardized quality checks, which can make it difficult for businesses to gauge what they are actually getting in return for their investment.

Moreover, vetting the freelancer's past work for authenticity can be cumbersome. Many freelancers use fake or misleading examples of their work to attract clients, promising complete solutions that they may not be capable of delivering. This makes it difficult to assess a freelancer’s true abilities and could lead to underwhelming results.

Fiverr review

In terms of pricing, while freelancers may offer seemingly lower rates, these often do not include additional charges that may come later, unlike more transparent, all-inclusive pricing models. Lastly, when you contract with individual freelancers, you might find yourself burdened with the task of coordinating between multiple people for different aspects of your social media, making the process less efficient and potentially disrupting the cohesive brand image you aim to project.

Feedbird Standard
Fiverr x
*Comparing lowest priced plans without any add-ons
Custom, branded posts
Scheduled & posted for you
Dedicated account manager
Unlimited revisions
Review & approval allowed
EU & US Based team

How is Feedbird better than Fiverr?

Top-quality skills
We hire the top 3% of social media managers in Europe and USA, for consistent quality and skills.
Our online platform makes it easy to kick off, manage, and review social media projects, and we work while you sleep to deliver fast.
Flexibility & Scale
We can adapt to any scale and creative needs thanks to our subscription model, modular team structure, and  capabilities
We use tech to orchestrate, automate, and streamline operations. Our no-wastage operating model allows us to pass on the savings to our customers

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Fiverr comparison

We believe in transparent pricing, so you only pay for exactly what you need and can customize your package with any social media channels and add-ons, all free of choice. Another big difference—all plans have custom, branded posts, review & approvals, scheduling & posting, and a dedicated account manager included.
Monthly plans
Feedbird Standard Plan
Fiverr x
Monthly social media posts
Scheduled & posted for you
Custom, branded posts
Very high-quality, custom made for each client based on their brief and branding.

See examples here.
Review & Approval
Required. We never post anything that hasn't been approved.
Dedicated Account Manager
Revisions allowed
Number of platforms
1 included in the price. +$10 per channel extra
Platforms supported
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Tiktok, Google My Business
Cancellation policy
Month-to-month (7 day notice)
Team location
EU and USA, carefully vetted and trained to deliver high-quality work consistently.

A better approach to social media with Feedbird

Feedbird stands out as an innovative solution in social media management, offering a powerful blend of:
(1) A globally distributed team of exceptional creative talent,
(2) A user-friendly online platform that simplifies briefing, communication, and review, and
(3) A flexible design subscription model that accommodates the changing needs and budgets of today’s businesses.

A collaborative creative partner, not a creative coin flip

Your Feedbird Creative Project Manager has a deep understanding of your brand identity and can quickly brief the right creatives for the success of each project.

When reviewing your posts, simply approve or leave feedback in our easy to use dashboard.We'll never post anything you haven't approved.

A process that fosters efficiency, not just unlimited revisions.

Your content is visually scheduled for you to have a perfect overview of all upcoming posts on all your social channels.

Opting for Feedbird: A Replacement or Complement to Traditional Agencies and Freelancers with Feedbird, you get to benefit in various ways, whether you're looking to replace your current agency and freelancers or augment their services.

“Hands down the best social media service. It's like Hootsuite, but they create amazing content for us and post to our socials after we approve"

Filip Nielsen
CMO at Reflectly
Scott Regan
Managing Partner

“Feedbird creates social media content that is better and more affordable than what we can produce in-house. Went from 6 hours per client to just the 15 minutes needed for review and approval. They do this at a price that's one-third of our in-house cost and the margins we derived from offering SMM to clients doubled because of Feedbird.”

Cecilia Matilda

"The process of reviewing and requesting revisions was streamlined to perfection a feature that saved me an invaluable amount of time!"

Timothy Yen

"There is little for me to do, other than send an email with updates about my business which they transform into beautiful social media posts."

Tim Salm
Founder & CEO

“They have saved me so much time and effort with handling my social media posting, I now have more time for other areas of my business!"

Isaac Saboor
Product Marketing Manager

"Consistent, quality content that accurately represents my brand. The increase in social engagement and followers since I started using Feedbird is impressive."

Stephen Kelly
Founder & CEO

"Feedbird is the best. Solid, reliable posts for a very fair price. Could not be happier with Feedbird"

Amy Milonas

“Absolutely incredible company. I have told everyone about Feedbird. Always relevant, engaging content and fantastic visual designs."

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