Refund Policy

Our services at Feedbird are designed to provide value and satisfaction to our clients. However, we understand the need for clarity regarding our refund policy.

General Policy

By signing up, you accept our refund policy, acknowledging that all services are non-refundable.

This is due to the non-returnable nature of personalised, digital services and manual labour. We are not a full-service agency, we are a low-cost creative services subscription that you can cancel month-to-month.

While we strive for your satisfaction this is not a “only pay if you like it” service. You pay us for creative deliverables based on your brief, feedback, and revisions. We don’t guarantee satisfaction, marketing results, growth, engagement, but we will happily implement your revisions.

Our Service is a subscription-based service, not an on-demand service, which means that after purchase we reserve the team members for you to be available to deliver updates. Therefore, failure to use the Service will neither warrant a full refund nor a partial.


  • If you are not satisfied with the deliverables, we do not offer refunds but are open to making necessary revisions.
  • Approval of deliverables are considered final and no more revisions are allowed after approval.


  • Cancellation requires at least 7 days' notice before the next billing date by messaging your account manager inside the dashboard or email to and then submitting a cancellation form. Prorated refunds are not issued for early cancellations and refunds are not provided for late cancellations.


  • All Feedbird services are a recurring subscription, meaning you will be charged automatically every month. Once a subscription is renewed it cannot be refunded under any circumstance and the buyer will be required to accept all content/work owed for that period of time with appropriate and fair client behaviour.


  • Content is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to business results. We don't guarantee any results, due to us being a creative service business with final approval in your hands, and many factors being outside of our control. You are paying us for creative deliverables that our team spends time creating based on your brief and feedback.

Onboarding & Sign-Up

  • Failure to complete the onboarding questionnaire does not qualify for a refund, but we can convert your payment into credits for other services.
  • Refund requests immediately after completing the questionnaire do not qualify for a refund, as our service production starts immediately. Depending on the timing, we might be able to turn the payment into credits for other services if desired.

Technical Issues

You pay us for the creation of social media content. Posting and scheduling is a free, value-add service, meaning no refunds will be offered for any issues related to this. We will, however, do our best to resolve any technical issues.

  • Any issues related to connecting your social media accounts in our scheduling platform does not warrant refunds. If the issues can’t be resolved, we advise clients to download the content and post it manually instead.
  • We can’t post any approved content until you have connected at least one social media account to our scheduling platform.
  • In the case that your social media account is disabled, or if posts for sensitive industries (weight loss, cannabis, etc.) are removed by the respective platform we will not be held accountable and will not be offering refunds. You approve all our work before it goes out, and it's your responsibility.
  • You are paying us for the creative deliverables (creation of content, etc.) - and not the actual scheduling/posting. So if for any reason we are not able to schedule/post it to your social media accounts, it does not warrant a refund.
  • You are ultimately responsible for reviewing your social media accounts and assuring that your connection is working and that our posts are being published as intended. Posts that failed to be posted due to account disconnects on the scheduling platform does not warrant a refund, but we can reschedule the posts once the issue has been resolved - or you can post it manually.


We adhere to a 'no errors' policy and employ multiple quality assurance steps, but occasional mistakes can occur. It is crucial for clients to review and approve content carefully, as refunds are not issued for errors such as typos, incorrect information, or timing issues with posts.

  • We do not refund for typos, incorrect information in deliverables or anything else
  • We do not refund for a post going out on a certain date if it was meant for another
  • We do not refund for a post that can’t be posted as the intended date has been exceeded - however we can create a new post to replace it.


Delayed communications can cause many problems, and we will not refund for delays caused by the Client.

  • Any delays caused by Feedbird does not warrant a refund, but we can push back the billing date to make up for the time lost.
  • Any delays caused by the client will not result in the billing date being pushed back - or any refunds.
  • If 25 days have passed since signing up, without the questionnaire being submitted, we will create the deliverables (unless otherwise specified) based on our own research and no revisions will be allowed.
  • If we do not receive feedback or approvals by the time your next month's charge arrives, we will start creating the next month of content, so that we keep delivering what you paid for, and you can use it when you're ready. If it has been more than 30 days since we sent you the posts for approval, you can no longer make any revision requests for that batch.


  • If your client doesn’t pay you, we will not refund you for the rendering of services.

Credit Card Disputes

  • You agree to not disputing your payment for any reasons covered in our terms & conditions and refund policy.
  • In the event of a credit card dispute, all deliverables (and published content) we have delivered during the lifetime of your subscription will be deleted instantly and automatically as a system default, and we can't do anything to bring it back.
  • Disputes halt all credits, communication, and account work.
  • If you win a dispute, due to your bank siding with you even though it’s clearly against our terms and refund policy, then we will send you an invoice to cover the disputes amount including any fees we have incurred with payment due upon receipt. If this isn’t paid, your account will be turned over to collections and reported to all three credit bureaus.

Blackmail & Threats

  • We do not tolerate attempts to bypass our refund policy through blackmail, such as threats of disputes or negative reviews for refunds although we’ve delivered our part of the agreement.
  • Many review platforms have policies against using reviews as blackmail or threats and may remove unjust reviews or ban users who violate their policies.
  • Escalation may lead to legal action, as blackmail and extortion are criminal offenses. We may seek civil remedies for any damaging negative reviews left where we have proof that it is related to refund requests.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these policies, designed to maintain a fair and transparent relationship while ensuring the highest quality of service.